Current work

Over the last decade, I have created a variety of experimental soundscapes and drones. Much of this work was an attempt to overcome the limitations of recording and playing music alone, to create organic sounds and to press against the limits of digital beatmapping which can render so much of contemporary recorded music into a performance of machines for machines.

A collection of these works has been released under my own name as Northern California. You can listen or buy it on Bandcamp.


Past music projects

The Wobblies (Northern California)

I fronted this Sonoma, California hard-core and post-punk trio in my late teens. We recorded two studio EPs, Under Ramps I Writ the Poems of the Punk and Fusion or Fission? With a few different life decisions, this band would probably still exist. Both the EPs are available to listen or buy on Bandcamp:

The New Happiness (Northern California) / The August Names (Iowa City, IA)

This group went through multiple iterations with one set of songs. It didn’t survive grad school, but very few things do. I’ve posted a few tracks to Soundcloud.


Headboard (Northern California)

I briefly played guitar for this early ’00s pop-rock band after the Wobblies. Somehow, this group wound up on national television and had a rather memorable group melt down on a major Bay Area alt-radio station (It was called Alice then, I think?). You know you’ve made it when someone tells you about this stupid thing they heard on the radio without knowing they are talking about you. Anyway, I co-wrote and produced their third record, Nothing is Static. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, and, somehow, Spotify.
On iTunes: Headboard, Nothing Is Static
On Amazon: Headboard, Nothing is Static.